Linda Biggers - Mixed Media and Eggshell Mosaics

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Eggshell Mixed Media Mosaic Workshop


Day one: we will work on the background, glass portion of the mosaic. 

Day two:  Students will grout the glass portion of the mosaic. We will view a slide show about eggshell mosaic and I will demonstrate preparing, painting, cutting, breaking eggshell for the mosaic. Students will begin work on the eggshell portion of their mosaic. 

Day three: Students will continue work on the eggshell portion of the mosaic.  If desired, embellishments, beads, etc can be added. I will demonstrate finishing the mosaic (sealing and varnishing the eggshell)  If Students do not finish, they will be able to take home everything necessary to finish at home.


February 15-19, 2019

Luna Mosaic Arts

Orlando Florida

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