Linda Biggers - Mixed Media and Eggshell Mosaics

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On June 14, 2017, we had a Grand Unveiling Ceremony congratulating the students on their work on the mosaic. This was a chance for the kids to really show off their work to family and friends.
Pictured: First row: Alix, Tyler, Gabriella, Second Row: Albert, Ephraim, Gavin.

Here, the students are explaing the meanings of each square in t he mosaic.


The title of the mosaic "Tree of Character"


This square represents Responsibility. The hands, which are also tree branches, are holding the Earth, showing our resposnibility to portect the Earth.


This square represents Respect. The tree branches are shaking hands and bowed heads representing how people show respect to one another.


This square repesents Caring. The parent birds are caring for the baby as parents care for their children.


This square represents Trustworthiness. The butterfly is coming to the hand, which is also a tree branch. The butterfly trusts the hand.


This square represents Citizenship. People of all nationalties are dancing around the tree trunk, show how we are all connected. The studnets chose the trunk of the tree to represent Citizenship because all of the character traits (tree branches) make up citizenship.


This square represents Fairness. People of different heights are picking apples from the same branch. The small people have rocks to stand on so that they can have the same fair chance to pick an apple.


This is the completed mosaic installed in its permanent hope at the Broadalbin-Perth Intermediate School.

You can see how all of the squares fit together to form one picture.


Here is the plaque to give thanks to all those involved in the creation of the amazing mosaic.

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