Linda Biggers - Mixed Media and Eggshell Mosaics

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I am thoroughly enjoying working with these wonderful students on this mosaic project. They are truly creating something beautiful that they will be proud of. The kids are taking such care in the production of this mosaic. We have had some wonderful times working together! Many of the kids like to come in to mosaic, just because it is so relaxing! It can be so meditative! I love listening to the conversations between the students as they collaborate on the mosaic, discussing colors or how the pieces should go in. They help each other with nipping tile and making them fit just right.


Mrs. Miller is working with Alix on the "Fairness" square. The kids love it when the teachers come in to put on a few pieces.


Teachers and teaching assistants came in today to put on some pieces. The students showed them how and taught them how to nip tiles!


Mrs. Dyer is working with Collin on the "Citizenship" square.


Haley and Jayden are working on the "Caring" square.


This picture has all the squares together. As you can see it is alomst finished. Each square represents a pillar of character. From the top left: Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Bottom row: Trustworthiness, Citizenship, Fairness. 


We are hoping to complete the project this week and to be grouting by the end of the week. It is exciting but bittersweet as this has been such a joy to work on with the students. We are planning for a Grand Unveiling of the "Tree of Character" mosaic, where parents and community members will be invited to view the mosaic and congratulate the children on a job well done!

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