Linda Biggers - Mixed Media and Eggshell Mosaics

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I have been enjoying working with the fifther graders on this mosaic project. We have had some wonderful times and great conversations while creating some beautiful art. The students are very dedicated to this project and it's great to see them come in and see the excitment on their faces as they look at how this piece has progressed.


Rachel and Sanne are working on the sky for the "Trustworthiness Square". This square depicts a butterfly coming to a hand to show trust. The hand is part of the tree's branch. The ideas put forth on this mosaic design are so creative.


Hailey is working on the border.

Mrs. Forest, fifth grade teacher, stopped in to work with the students, Gavin and Blaze. They are working on the "Responsibility Square" This square depicts two hands holding the earth in a protective way to show the responsibility we have for our planet. The dragonflies and butterflies represent the life on the Earth.


In this photo we have set the mosaic "quilt squares" into the frame to help the students visualize how the squares will come together to make one large picture. Here we have Tyler, Gavin, and Allison working on the mosaic.

This is another view of the mosaic "quilt squares" in the frame. Here we have Braden, Tyler and Gavin.


These students are doing a wonderful job on this mosaic. They really want this piece to be amazing, as it will be permanently displayed in their school. They are taking so much pride in their work and the outcome is looking to be an art piece that will be an important part of their school.

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