Linda Biggers - Mixed Media and Eggshell Mosaics

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We have made lots of progress on the Pillars of Character Mosaic Quilt. Over Spring Break, I took the opportunity to get lots of glass cut and readied for the mosaic.

In this photo, I have cut the glass shapes for the figures that will be placed on the "Citizenship Square" Each piece is numbered so the kids will know where they should be placed.



Here, I layed out the square in the way they will be assembled. Look at the work the kids have done on the border! They are doing a great job on the swirls!!


The students have been so excited about working on this mosaic! Many are willingly giving up their recess time to come and work on it.


Lorenzo, Victoria, Alexandra are working on the "Trustworthiness" Square.


Tyler, working on the "Responsibility" square.


Albert working on the "Trustworthiness" square.


Morgan is working on the "Fairness" Square.


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