Linda Biggers - Mixed Media and Eggshell Mosaics

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The kids are really excited about this project and are doing a great job researching!

We have six fifth grade classes, each class is assigned a character pillar. Each class will create a symbol or design to represent their Character Pillar. These symbols will be joined together to creat one cohesive mosaic piece.

They are collorborating with each other with many different design ideas. The challenge is to keep the entire design cohesive! The kids decided that we need a theme to tie all of their pillar character symbols together. Many themes were suggested, so we decided to vote on the themes and they chose to have a Tree of Life Theme...or as they renamed the project the "Tree of Character".


We had several drawing sessions and the kids had some great ideas. I took their drawings and ideas in put it all together into a cohesive design. 

Shown here are the individual "quilt" squares put together to create one design.

Images represented from top left: Responsibility, Respect, Caring; bottom row: Trustworthiness, Citizenship, Fairness. We are also creating a border, that will incorporate symbols and thoughts that students felt were important.


The children in this fifth grade class are so imaginative! They came up with a design ideas that are far more elaborate and meaningful than I expected!


This project also, coincided with a project they were doing in their art class about surrealism. In their surrealsim project they photographed themselves and then superimposed thier pictures on another photo of something in the art room, pencils, paintbrushes, books, etc. In the finished pieces, the kids appeared to be very small, with giant sized props!


In the mosaic, we have giant butterflies and birds, smallish people, treebranches morphing into hands, Night on one side, day on the other side....definitely surreal!!



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